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How Are Teams Organized?


  • DI teams may have from two to seven members.

  • DI teams may be and are often organized with students all from the same grade.

  • DI teams may include members of different grades within their DI Team level.

  • DI teams may have all of one gender or a mix.

How Are Teams Formed?
  • Friends can join DI together and form a new team.

  • We can help students find a team, or help form a team, if a student doesn’t know anyone else who has signed up.

  • Current DI Students often reform their team each year with the same students. Sometimes everyone comes back, sometimes not.

  • Current teams with less than seven students can choose to bring in new team members (and often do).

  • Teams on occassion split into two teams, or join to form one team, or have a member move from one team to another.

  • Students need to convince a couple of their parents to co-manage a team because we are a 100% volunteer organization and there are no teams if there are no team managers!


Where Do Teams Meet?


Teams typically meet at their Team Managers because it is often the most convenient. Some teams arrange to use school space (such as a school multipurpose room) or even a local church for their meetings. The decision about where to meet is completely up to the Team Manager, parents, and team members and is based around what works for them.


When Do Teams Meet And For How Long?

Teams typically meet once a week for one to two hours on a day convenient to the team members and parents. Some prefer to meet during the week after school or in the evening, and some prefer to meet on the weekend. Younger teams typically have shorter meetings. Sometimes teams will schedule extra meetings as tournaments get closer so they can get things done or to practice more. Some teams assign work to due individually or with As with the location, the meeting schedule is up to the Team Manager, parents and team members.


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