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2019-2020 Registration Information


  1. Starting September 1st, registration forms of new students wanting to participate in DI wil be collected. Be sure to print and complete a separate form for each student.

  2. From September through October returning teams begin to meet and new teams are formed. You can find out more about team formation and teams here.

  3. All student registration forms are submitted prior to October 1 even though the team formation process may not be complete. Registration payments are not processed until a student is placed on a team.




To register, print the form linked above, fill it out, and mail it with the registration fee to the address listed on the form.​ If you have any questions, feel free to write an email to


Quick facts:


  • The DI season generally runs from September to March.

  • Registration closes October 1.

  • Teams are made up of 2-7 students each within the Rising Stars (Davis/K-2), elementary (Lane/3-5), middle (JGMS/6-8), and high school (BHS/9-12) levels.

  • The number of teams is only limited by the number of parent volunteer team managers who participate.

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