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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been hearing about DI from friends but I’m confused about what DI actually is. What exactly is DI?


Destination Imagination (DI) is a volunteer-led nonprofit organization whose purpose is to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. However, what may be more important to know is what you do in DI.


From this perspective, Destination Imagination is a problem solving program for teams of students where they pick one of six open ended challenges and work together to find a solution. They then present their solution at the end of the season in the form of a skit at the regional competition. To learn more about what DI is, visit the What is DI page.


How is a team formed?


Bedford DI organizers create the Bedford DI teams from the pool of interested students each season. A team may be formed from a group of individuals who have signed up independently and who are in the same age group.


Those of us managing the Bedford Destination Imagination program will form and register the teams by working with team managers and parents to consider ages, friends, personalities, etc. We look to place students together who will be most successful and have the most fun together.


Sometimes a group of friends may decide to join DI together and form a team. Returning teams typically stay together though sometimes one or two members will leave DI, leaving the team a choice to bring someone new onto the team.

Question 1 & 2

What ages is DI for?


The Destination Imagination program is for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. However, Bedford Destination Imagination suggests that students wait to start in either first or second grade. We make this suggestion because we find teams have had a better season after the students have learned to work together during their first year of school.


What is the time commitment?


The time commitment is typically once a week for about an hour to an hour and half. It is up to the team managers and parents to organize what time and day of the week works best for your team.

Question 3 & 4

When does the season start and end?


The Destination Imagination season begins in September where teams are formed between September and October. The season continues typically until early March when the regional tournament takes place. However if your team moves on to the State or Global Competition the season is extended to April or May respectively.


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State Tournament Closing Ceremonies

Where do teams meet?


Where teams meet is a decision that the team manager must make. Many teams often meet at a team member’s house to work on their solution. However some teams do take advantage of school space (such as a school multipurpose room or even a local church) for their meetings.


Question 5 & 6

How much does the program cost for a season?


For the this season, the cost for registering your child is $110. This covers the cost of team registration, regional and state registration, t-shirt purchases, among other costs of the program.


Registration scholarships are available to families who may need assistance. Click here to register for this DI season.


I have a child who wants to do DI but I do not want to manage a team, what do I do?


It is not a requirement as a parent of a team member to become a team manager. However, your role as a DI parent is to support your child throughout the season.


For many parents this is expressed through attending the competitions, providing transportation to team meetings, and embracing the new skills that your child is learning through DI.


Even though being a team manager is not a requirement, we would like to stress that there can only be as many teams as there are team managers. If you would like to learn more about what it means to be a team manager, visit our Volunteer page or contact us at

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