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Extend the Classroom with Destination Imagination 

Destination Imagination focuses on STEAMS (STEM with Arts and Service Learning) subject matter while fostering 21st century learning skills. Students are immersed in a multidisciplinary environment that encourages problem solving, collaboration and interpersonal skills.



DI aligns with the goals for Bedford High School graduates, creating a useful bridge between school and “real world” applications. This creates an opportunity for students to apply active learning, resourceful thinking, and effective communicating outside the classroom.


Active Learning 


As the DI season begins, students engage in many skills learned from school in order to create their solution. They must apply lessons from math, science, english and art, but also research concepts that they may not understand, but want to include in their solution. A DI team also relies on the feedback from coaches and teammates, allowing them to learn from each other and extend their learning.


Resourceful Thinking 


Creative and critical thinking skills are the core of DI. With a small budget, students think of thousands of creative ways to use cardboard, duct tape and PVC pipe in order to solve the challenges. When building props, mechanisms, or structures, students make meaningful connections between lessons taught in school and the task at hand.


Effective communicating 


No matter what style of challenge students pick, they must be able to communicate their solution to judges in a number of ways. Before competition, students must develop their skit in a way that clearly illustrates that they completed challenge requirements, while also filling out the appropriate paperwork. During competition, students must be able to engage judges in a discussion around their work and solution.

Learning Skills For the 21st Century


DI'rs learn vital skills that will carry with them for the rest of their life. DI tests students abilities to act responsibily, creatively and consciously.  Through instant and main challenges, students must communicate with each other while creating creative and critical solutions of the task put in front of them. Every week they have a chance to practice these skills, preparing them for a 21st century world. 

See DI in action! 

A high school team from Germantown WI performing their solution for the 2013 challenge Wind Visible at Global Finals!


Points of Interest

- Research wind energy 

- Build a piece of kinetic art that moves for at least 15 seconds

- Create a story that features an invisible visitor 

A Rising Star Team in Texas performing the 2013 challenge! 

Points of Interest
-  Create your own circus!
- Learn about circuses and the role of the Ringmaster
- Learn about balancing things
- Learn about geometric shapes
- Explore how your team works together to make decisions about the three acts of your circus performance.


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